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never heard of a dana 20 rear end
dana 20 tranfer case but no rear end....

maybe the AMC model 20 rear end.....

if so yes it will hold up to said gearing, what tranny?

i ran 4.10s with 4:1 gearing a t18 and an amc 401 motor in front with 35" creepy crawlers and did that for 5 years before upgrading. not by choice but the amc model 20 wide trac was in there with an ARB when i started.

I later went with a dana 60 with that rig but on any other build if im spending the case on upgrades and want to do things in incriments while keeping my 5 on 5.5, i run a scout dana 44 with alloy usa shafts (1.30" diameter vs the 1.25" diameter amc 20's) and a JK 8.9" R&P, no tube twisting issues, no more stretched bearing caps, slightly larger shafts with larger options (33 spline etc) and using the jk R&P a larger dana 60 sized pinion 24 spline 1.25" vs 26 spline 1.12". i dont care what all the articles say, none of them covered installing a JK R&P into a std d44 ...... id put a 44 built my way against an amc model 20 any day and yes that amc model 20 will last with 35's but i would be second guessing a few things especially towing someone out i wouldnt bat an eye with that built 44, the amc model 20 if i thought oabout 35's for a long period of time or towing someone out you'd bet id be running a truss, some good G8 bearing cap bolts, alloy shafts and a steel diff cover keeping things together. shame AMC didnt do a better job with the model 20 it really wasnt a bad r&p, though it would have benefited from larger diameter shafts and better tubes.

install G8 carrier cap bolts in and use a 3/8 steel diff cover.
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