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I have an all but new R&P for a dana 30, standard rotation.

I ordered a R&P for my XJ, and had the box dropped off a the shop. They bolted in the ring gear, then realized the pinion did not match the one that they took out. It was longer, and different rotation. After emails back and forth Yukon confirmed they are for a CJ, not a TJ, but its up to you to verify they will fit your rig. No returns.

The gears have never be set up or run. The ring gear was bolted in, then taken right back out. They have been sitting in the garage for a while, they are still in the mislabeled yukon box and packed in foam.

This is the Ring and Pinion gears only, no install parts. pics and measurements upon request.

asking $200, and I'll pay for shipping.
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