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Dana 44 front Scout II stock width, bolt up and go! $750 obo
*1000 miles on new wheel bearings, rotors, calipers and pads
*Warn locking hubs
*4130 outer stub shafts
*4:10 gear, lincoln locked
*trussed and rotared housing for about 8 degrees of caster and good pinion angle.

Currie built Dana 60, stock Scout II width and spring mount location. $900 obo
*4:10 gear, powerlock
*trussed housing
*1350 yoke
*custom heat treated axles

Dana 70 FF 8 lug dually rr end from 1985 something, $275
*4.56 (41-9) open carrier
*35 spline axles
*43" mounting pad centers
*68" WMS to WMS

Dana 60HD ff 8 lug from early 70s dodge $350
*HD double ribber housing
*4.10 open,
*30 spline

National 14 pack leaf springs rearched 2 years ago and custom 7" shackles $425 obo
*PLUSH ride and 14" of travel, set up for above D44! Not sure of rate, but my truck is 5800lbs
*53 eye to eye
*need to extend the frame fwd about 6" and build new rear shackle mounts, or they may be used on the rear

Parts located in West Los Angeles area. Call 310-463-4964 for details, PM me with offers. Make offer on individual components. Prefer pickup.
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