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wms = wheel mounting surface

looks like that person wants to know the width from wms -wms.

he was speaking english, just looks like he may know more about axle talk than you do. here is a quick axle vocab lesson dude:

HP - High Pinion
Lp - Low Pinion
LS - limited slip
Arb - air actuated locking differential
Ox - cable actuated locking differential
WMS - wheel mounting surface
drum - type of brake, usually found on a rear axle
disc - type of brake, usually found on a front axle
caliper bracket - holds the brake caliper for a disc brake setup
caliper - hold brake pads for a disc brake setup
WB - wheel bearings(usually involves an inner and outer set, also a seal should be there too)
yoke - attached to the pinion to allow a drive shaft be connected via a Ujoint
offset/center pumpkin - location of the differential gear set in relation to the entire axle housing.rears are usually close to center and fronts are usually offset depending on the transfer case.
flat top knuckles - knuckles that have a flat surfase to mount a steering arm. usually made by GM and desirable for a crossover steering setup

these are some terms you may or may not be familiar with. THIS IS NOT A SLAM ON YOU OR YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!!! Anyone that considers this a flame is fucking retarded. this was posted so someone can learn something. we all started somewhere and I wish someone would have posted this when I was trying to figure out what was being said. There are more but I dont recall them right now. Good luck with the sale of your axle.

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