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Hey guys, I am swapping a Dana 44 from a wagoneer into the front of my pathfinder, and I have a couple of questions about the Dana 44.

1. Are all Dana 44 steering knuckles compatable? I need a pass. side flat top for hi-steer, so can I just pull one off of a chevy from the junk yard? If anyone knows where I can get a drilled and tapped knuckle, I would really like to buy one thats been machined already.

2. I am planning on running between 35-37 inch tires, what parts do I need in order to make the axle stong enough to handle the 37 inch tire. Which U-joints, r&p, etc. do you recomend? I will probably be running 4.88 gears and an ARB locker.

Thanks for the help, sorry such a long post.
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