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Funny you say 52" is too wide, the stock axle is 50"

I have a rear from a 48 2A sitting in my garage (WMS 50"), I am putting waggy axles in it, and 58" is my target.

Too bad you arent in cali, as I have TONS of flatty stuff you are looking for (48 2A, trans to front&rear diffs).
3 t-cases, 2 trannies front and rear axles....
Unfortunatly, none of it is easily shippable, and it all needs a rebuild (its all been sitting 5+ years, NOT in the jeep).
2 gas tanks, rear seat frame (I might wanna keep the rear seat frame)....
PM me if you are interested in buying some of my stuff, but ONLY if you arrange shipping/crating....
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