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onewhitezj said:
I will have to remeasure it then and get the correct length. whatever it is, just about 7/8ths of the tire was sticking out of either side, and unless I had a stout frame, chevy small block and some boggers, to me it just wouldnt look right..I am trying to build it lightweight...
(and just for reference, I used the same wheel/tire combo on the original axle as I did on my 44, so its not just the backspacing or anything)

If you do a deal with the guy above, hit www.freightquote.com

I've used them to purchase axles out of the midwest alot. The seller just has to get them unbolted, freightquote arranges a shipper to go out, pick the item up, palette it, and delivers it. They bill the recieving guy, so its really easy for the seller. Prices are pretty good too.. I think I just paid $400 to have a set of dana 60's shipped from coast to coast, weighed in at 1015 pounds.
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