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Have two Dana 60 axles for sale

Front is a 1987 chevy passenger drop stock axle single rear wheel. This is a stock axle and nothing has been done to it other than the outers have been taken off (everything included). This axle came from a service truck that had routine maintenance. Although the outside has road grime and rust the interior was clean, had like new gear oil and wheel bearing grease and 75% + left on the disc pads. Gear ratio stock 3.73.


Rear 60 is a full floater out of a 78-79 Ford and comes with the housing, axles and brake stuff but no gears. Although you're probably gonna change them anyway.


....or $1100 for the set

Located in Gardnerville, Nevada
About 15min from Lake Tahoe and 1 hour from Reno

1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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