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Dana 60 front 3/4 ton brake conversion kit

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Dana 60 front 3/4 ton brake conversion kit $295 shipped

Why should you convert your front axle to 3/4 ton disc brakes?

1. Lighter weight - about 41lbs
2. Firmer feel of brake pedal
3. Still can stop 44" tires
4. Clears most 15" steel wheels with 3.5" or less backspacing
5. Works with all known aftermarket knuckles including Solid, Reid, and Crane Knuckles.

I offer these kits for:

76-79 Ford Dana 44
76-97 Ford Dana 60 (Ball joint axles may require some trimming of original bracket made into knuckle)
77-91 Chevy Dana 60
90-93 Dodge Dana 60

On Chevy or Dodge kits test fit the studs in the rotor first. You may need to drill the rotors out to 11/16 before pressing the studs in.

Why buy from Lugnut4x4?

1. I try to have the best price. I don't know of anyone cheaper. My basic kit is $295 shipped.

2. I try to provide the best quality. I use custom made stainless steel banjo bolts. Why? Because regular ones rust and they can be hard to paint. I use Wagner pads instead of cheap China pads. I include new wheel seals. If you are going to have it apart, why not put new seals in?

3. I ship fast! I use priority mail so I can ship anywhere in the USA in 2-3 days. My competitors use ground service.

4. Options! - I have two different calipers to choose from, clockable brackets, different pad options, and even slotted rotors.

5. Nobody can beat my service. I specialize in brake kits and have kits for axles that nobody else does. I have all Lugnut4x4 emails forwarded to my phone so I can reply within minutes most of the time. Every kit includes a business card with my person cell phone also.

This is a complete kit and includes:

2) GM 12.5" rotors
2) 3/8" brackets
2) GM calipers
2) caliper pins
1) set high quality semi metallic pads
4) copper washers
2) banjo bolts
2) new wheel seals

The ford kit uses a 1/8" spacer bracket which is included and goes between the bracket and knuckle.

The Chevy and Dodge kit bracket mounts outside the spindle like the original factory design. You must leave off the small dist shield when installing the new rotor or it will hit.

The calipers are 1980 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 front JB6 calipers. The pads I ship are a very high quality and should do very well on the street or on the trail. The rotors are stock from 1980 Chevy 3/4 ton K20 4x4. I include a paper with all the parts details.

The price is $295 shipped. link to buy

Need brackets only? $100 shipped

Need hoses? Braided stainless hoses 18" long are only $60 more for two. I highly recommend this.

Testimony from Sluggo Plybon (Rock bouncer racer)

A big thanks to Lugnut 4x4 for the new disc brake setup for my bouncer. They hooked me up with this and it shaved 40 pounds of weight from the original setup. Grabs harder and stops when it's suppose to now!!! Look them up great guys to deal with for all your 8 lug brake conversions.

Chevy kit shown - Ford has 5 holes for spindle and a spacer.
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Has anyone confirmed this will work on a ball joint axle ? I can't see why it wouldn't but I'm admittedly no axle guru. I have a 92' d60 I need these for if they will work. I have almost brand new 42/14/15 Iroks that I would like to keep and this kit would make running 15" rims with a 8x6.5bp easier.
Yes it will.
Just an FYI they will clear a Reid knuckle ;) thanks for the product, can't wait to get it out and see how it does.

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Got my kit Saturday, fast shipping. I am trying this kit on a 92' balljoint front axle from a Ford so I will post up if it for sure works.
how much for just the caliper brackets for a chevy front 60 shipped to 48180. thanks...
how much for just the caliper brackets for a chevy front 60 shipped to 48180. thanks...
$100 shipped
Well I guess I am the guinea pig for the ball joint front ends. I have a 92' Ford d60 that I purchased a kit for and it seems to fit. We have just test fit it, as work is being done to my rig. We did however have to purchase some grade 8 bolts and locknuts as my stock spindle studs were not long enough to fit the bracket and spacer and spindle. Not sure if someone in the past installed shorter studs just know mine wasn't long enough and from checking with part suppliers, supposedly the spindle studs for a King Pin and the ball joint axles are the same for Fords so I didn't order any new spindle studs just purchased bolts and locknuts and tack weld the hex head of the bolt to the back of the knuckle. Not sure that is even necessary. Just thought I would post to let you guys know who have a Ball joint front end that the kit seems to fit fine. Should be able to post up on function within the next 2 weeks. axle rebuilding and gearing and swapping going on along with new 4 link kit, and additional stretch.
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Swapping in a 79 ford 3/4 ton dana 44 8 lug, will this kit work on that axle? Also looking for 79 dana 60 rear disc conversion. Will the rear also allow use of 15" wheels?
The 78 Ford 60 and 44 both use the same brake brackets. Therefore this kit should work on the 44 also. My kits will clear most 15" steel wheels. When buying wheels try to get about 3" backspacing.
Just got my order, a minor glitch was handled right away- excellent customer service and nice parts, thanks!
Ordered my kit thursday received it today (monday). :cool: ill be ordering a 60 kit for the rear in a couple weeks! :D
$100 shipped
Any complete kits in stock for a front chevy D60? If so I would like to order.

Any complete kits in stock for a front chevy D60? If so I would like to order.

Yes I have the chevy kits in stock.
Yes I have the chevy kits in stock.
Awesome. PM'd contact information

Awesome. PM'd contact information

Order received and as described! Can't wait to mount these after I do my trusses...will be sending others your way when they ask! Thanks!
dana 60 front brake kit

Hi do you ship to the uk

cheers brett
Hi do you ship to the uk

cheers brett
Yes I have that option on my site --> www.lugnut4x4.com
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