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I posted in the wrong section earlier as i am new to this site but here is my original post,

Whats going on Pirate members, Im new here. Im Eric out of Antioch IL. Im in a bind and well, in the middle of an axle swap when i realized i was screwed by the guy who sold me the axle:mad3:. Im doing the D60 swap and getting rid of the TTB garbage. Anyway, He left me the axle without the caliper brackets and spindles as he told me mine would bolt right up. well with some intense research it wont bolt up considering the d50 ttb caliper brackets are moulded into the outer knuckle and on the 91 kingpin they are bolted between the spindle and the knuckle. I know the spindles are exactly the same except the collar on the inside is longer to accomidate the caliper bracket so it wont work. If anyone has a set they can sell, Im not sure of the cross years that will work but im assuming 89-91 and late 70s? Will d44 straight axle ones work as well? I know i should have paid more attention to the axle but stress is a MF when ya get a bad flywheel and have to pull the trans again...i have to get this done before it snows too so anyone around the chicago/ milwaukee areas i am more than willing to drive for the parts as im right in the middle of the 2 cities!
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