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Dana 60 or 14 bolt disc brake kit $315 shipped

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This thread was started in 2009 but I am still selling these in 2018 and will in 2019 also. My price is the same, so why start a new thread?

To place an order go to my website --> www.lugnut4x4.com

Don't stop for less!

I guarantee the best price. Shop around. If you find a better price send me a message with a link and I will beat it!

Most disc brake kits $315 SHIPPED!

Don't be tricked into thinking the other guy has a lower price. My price includes shipping!

To place an order go to my website --> www.lugnut4x4.com

Now on facebook --> www.facebook.com/lugnut4x4

Why buy from Lugnut4x4?

1. I try to have the best price. I don't know of anyone cheaper. My basic kit is $315 shipped. Other companies are similar on price, but charge very high shipping.

2. I try to provide the best quality. I use custom made stainless steel banjo bolts. Why? Because regular ones rust and they can be hard to paint. I use Wagner pads instead of cheap China pads. I include new wheel seals. If you are going to have it apart, why not put new seals in? I also provide all new grade 8 zinc coated hardware.

3. I ship fast! I use priority mail so I can ship anywhere in the USA in 2-3 days. My competitors use ground service and wait a few days before shipping.

4. Options! - Most kits have five different calipers to choose from, rubber or stainless hoses, different pad options, and even slotted rotors for most kits.

5. Nobody can beat my service. As a small business all questions are answered be me, the owner. I specialize in brake kits and have kits for axles that nobody else does. I have all Lugnut4x4 emails forwarded to my phone so I can reply within minutes most of the time. Every kit includes a business card with my person cell phone also.

6. My brackets can be mounted in different locations because they have more than one set of mounting holes. This allows you to rotate them for custom applications.

I am selling a complete bolt on disc brake conversion kit for $315 including shipping to anywhere in the US by priority mail! Yep I really mean complete - here's what you get:

3/8" thick laser cut brackets (bent if needed because spacers can fail)
New grade 8 zinc coated bolts
new 8 lug 12.5" diameter GM rotors
USA rebuilt GM calipers with steel pistons
high quality semi metallic brake pads
new wheel seals for the inner hub
new caliper pins
rubber flex hoses
Stainless steel banjo bolts
copper washers
anti-rattle clips

I have kits for these axles:

73-87 Chevy single rear wheel full floater 14 bolt axle 10.5" ring gear

62-72 Eaton corporate rear end, full floater ( same kit as the 73-87 14 bolt)

73-87 Chevy cab and chassis full floater 14 bolt axle 10.5" ring gear

88-up second generation 14 bolt 10.5 full floater/ need to know:
if drums slide off after removing wheel-need "gen 2" kit/ if wheel is removed and drum is behind the wheel hub and studs then you need the 73-87 14 bolt kit. (there is no reasoning as to what year will have what, we have seen both versions all thru the 90s)

79-up 14 bolt semi-float 8 lug 9.5" rear axle / not positive what year this axle was first produced / this kit sells for $340.00 because new wheel studs come with it. (no 6 lug axles)

72-up Ford dana 60 rear axle/ have found that it will fit 68-71 ford dana 60 rear axles but slight spacer modification is sometimes required using flat washers.

76-93 Dodge dana 60 rear axle

94-up Dodge dana 60 rear axle - Weld on kit only

68-72 Chevy dana 60 rear axle

72-up Jeep pick-up dana 60 rear axle( jeep took over the gm dana 60 rear axle in 1972 when chevy dumped it in favor of the 14 bolt) same kit as the chevy 60

Ford sterling axle - $390 (uses special rotors)

Other axles? Generally I have found that these same rotors will work on most other axles, but you will need to use weld on brackets. Just tell me the diameter of the tube near the end of the axle and I will send you weld on brackets.

Instructions? Yes, I include basic instructions. This is really simple to install for anyone who has a clue about how brakes work. Only word of advise is most of my kits require the rotor on the backside of the hub.

Emergency brakes? Yes, I have eldarodo calipers for $200 more. This gives a manual e-brake that hooks up to your cables.

Parts list? Yes, I include a list of all the replacement parts with every order.

I accept paypal or most credit cards. Orders will ship from TN by priority mail so you get it quick.

To buy one go to my website --> Products | Lugnut 4x4 | Disc Brake Conversion Kits for Dana 60, 70, 80, 14 bolt and Sterling 10.25.

You can also call me if you want. I can take a credit card by phone, but prefer that you use my website since there is less chance of me writing it down wrong. 423-737-0265 -- Shawn

Upgrade to braided stainless hoses for only $25 more.

Need a good way to explain it to your wife? Here's what worked for Jesse

Shawn I just ordered the kit. Had to clear it with the wife last night explained to her I needed this kit to not die from failed brakes.

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Send paypal to gubni at comcast dot net and include the year and type of axle you need the kit for.
you got paypal bro!
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