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dana 60 rear end/ 4x4 beams/ whole drive train

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i have a dana 60 rear end out of a f-250 for sale $1100 OBO in so cali (irvine) you P/U or pay for shiping. i will sale the whole drive train ...4x4 beams=whole front susp, 4 speed trans +transfer case and the dana 60 for $1500 OBO all seals ans shafts in great cond. EMAIL OR CALL FOR ???? [email protected] of 714-321-8675

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Maby if you divide the price of that rear axle by 10 you would get some response........little more reasonable price......
heheheheehehe a dana 60 for 100? i dont think so
get a clue buddy I can pick up pretty much any 60 for $100 to $150 locally. If anyone buys that for even $500 they're an idiot.

Check prices before you post :flipoff2:
that price for the 60 would be about right if it was a front axle.

I just purchused a rear dana 60HD for $100 from a junkyard. It has 4.56 gears and a fresh limited slip.
theres a retard on ebay selling a dana 60 rear for 2grand, and its from an 88. People these days.
Yeah, some dud on EBay is selling (trying to for the past 2 months) a rear D60 out of an early 70's 3/4T GM....I think that was the years?? Anyho' asking $1000 and no one wants it...go figure!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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