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I have a Dana 60 spool for sale that is technically new but has been installed. This spool was setup in an axle, but never ran (setup paint still on the ring gear). I replaced this while I had it out with an ARB. It came out of a 35 spline, 5.38 gear front D60 axle (Ford), but I believe will work on all D60 35 spline applications, 4.56 and up.
I think this spool is a YUKON brand but not sure and has the part number 507019 stamped on it.
I'll also throw in an unused timken bearing and race (I can't seem to find the other side).

$125 shipped. This thing is pretty heavy. PM me

Yukon steel spool for Dana 60 with 35 spline axles, 4.56 & up - YP FSD60-4-35

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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