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dana 70 question

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i found this dana 70 out of the rear of an88 or 89 ford f250. it is 35 spline, with a smooth housing, the 70 is stamped in the top. as of now i dont know the #. im 500 miles away, the housing might be aligned alittle to the right if i remember right, but only by about an inch or so maybe.
I want to know what it is called, ive heard it called a teardrop 70 and many others, i want to find a detroit for it, or some other locker, now it has 4.88s and posi, is it basically the same as a Hd70. Thanks in advance.
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thats what i thought, i read that too, just lookin for what other people think, thanks
Yup, a 70U. It seems to be a sweet axle for the smaller/lighter rigs. It has the clearance of a 60 and the smooth bottom to glide over rocks. The ring gear is something like 10.54 and the super beefy 35 spline shafts.
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