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i came across a set of dana 70's from an old power wagon. i was told they were dana 60's, so i went to pick them up and they were 70's. i brought them home but i'm not sure what to do with them. what would they be good for? it seems that 70 (closed knuckle) fronts aren't that popular/desirable.
what would they be worth? 4.88 gears and supposedly has a locker in the rear.
I found a set of these several years ago. I have a '66 Power Wagon W200 and figured it would be a good uprgade. The PW has a D44/D60 combo, 16-spline axles, 4.88 r&ps with factory installed Powerloc in the rear (that's probably what your set has). The D70s I found were set up the same and looked really good until I found out I couldn't get new u-joints for the closed-knuckle front axle (one of them was broken) from Dana or from any of the parts places in town. There might be some NOS lying around a warehouse someplace.

There's nothing wrong with closed-knuckle axles, except that parts are getting scarce. These axles would be better off used in a restoration project. Axle technology has vastly improved since the 1960s so there's no sense on putting old tech like this on a newer 4x4, especially one that is actively used, if this is what you were thinking about doing.

IIRC the set I was looking at was priced at $700 or $800.

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