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Dana 70U spun carrier bearing rebuild

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Hi All,

I have a rear Dana 70U axle on my OKA vehicle which I'm trying to rebuild. It looks like right carrier bearing has spun and worn down its seating, so when it is clamped it's not completely loose but can be turned by hand.

Bigger issue seems to be that the left and right surfaces that support the bearing thrust force are no longer parallel with each other, when measured at the front vs the back of the diff there is 1.3mm difference between the surfaces. I'm assuming they are meant to be parallel normally and therefore likely need to be machined down and more shims added? Or are they meant to be like that to facilitate installing the diff centre and the ring clamp normally keeps them parallel? Photo attached.

Any ideas of the best way to go about rebuilding this diff? Or should I just scrap it and try get another one. I'm in Australia where they are not as common and cheaply available as in the US so repairing it is preferable.

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Usually all that is lined honed on a line bore. Should be parallel,
Unless you have a buddy with a linebore machine... It gets expensive. The kit referred too likely is expensive to bring in to Au.
I'd look into all options before making a decision and pick the most affordable one.
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