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I can get one of these 12v, Dana air ride compressors found in mid 70's GMC motorhomes. They are of V twin design and I believe 100% duty cycle.
I don't know the CFM specs are at what pressures, but they will compress to 150 psi for sure......not that 150 will ever be needed.

Will be used for airing up 33" tires, nothing more, nothing bigger than 33".

Anyone use one?

YES, i know that there are a plethora of Chinese-made compressors out there, York, Via Air and many other OBA systems....... this topic is about these Dana compressors, or similar v twin Hadley air ride compressors, so please don't suggest i just go buy xx brand that is working well for you.

I can't find any info here, or on Google, if guys are / have used these and with good or ?? success.



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