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Addition to hard?
Warn lists them by lenght, that will tell you an appliaction

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It's an IFS assembly, I am still crossing the numbers to see if I can find what it's supposed to fit. I'm betting it's a Ford assembly.

It's a Ford assembly, the whole thing retails for $180.00 new. It didn't give me a year, let me know if you want a year.

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:rolleyes: Ameteurs ... :flipoff2:

It is out of a d44 TTB, or IFS, whatever you want to call it. It came in:

1980 Bronco II & F150 P/U w/ PT t-case
BOM# series 610062-x

1981 - 82 Bronco II & F150
BOM# series 610185-x

1981-1/2 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 61066-x

1983 F150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610167-x

1983 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610168-x

1984 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610177-4

1984 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610178-x

1984-82 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610177-1

1984-1/2-85 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610197-x

1984-1/2-85 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610198-x

1985-1/2 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610241-x

1985-1/2 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610242-x

1986 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 61261-x

1986 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610263-2

1986-88 F-150 Snow Plow
BOM# series 610263-1

1987-88 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610268-1 & -2
NOT BOM# series 610267-1 or -4

1988-1/2-92 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610310-1 & -2, 610335-x

1992-1/2 Bronco & F-150
BOM# series 610407-1 &-3, 610408-x

It is the Passenger side in all of those.

Who's your daddy? :D

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Thanks Ash and JJ!

That sucks cause I paid $125 for it about 9-10 months ago for my 78' Bronco from a dana distributor. Needless to say it didn't fit. My brother lost it when he moved, (the week after we found out it didn't fit), and he just found it. The guy wont take it back now and he still says its supposed to fit a 78 bronco. :( I guess I will measure it and see what else I might get one of the shafts to fit. I guess I paid $125 for a spicer u-joint!:mad:
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