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Doing a set of HP60 for the YJ.

Have a set of 35 spline d70 axle shafts. 1.50 at the spline but then taper down to 1.375 for the length.

Understand you need 1.5 to cut for a 35 spline.

The d70 shafts are going to have to be shortened a bunch. Which will get them into the 1.375 diameter.

Any reason why I could`nt shorten them and then respline for 32 ? What is the diameter of a 32 spline. D70 app.(even if they do neck down) they ought to be strong enough for hp60 requirments ?

Or to I say screw it and run D60 35 spline shafts and be done with it ?

37`s, stroker 6, NV4500 and an Atlas. 5.38`s.
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