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Depends on what your doing. General rule is to mount the important gauges (the ones you use most) in the most visible, best seen location. Usually the Tach is always mounted in a very visible location. Then...if you do a lot of street driving, give your speedo priority. Other guages in order of preference (my opinion only)

#1 Oil Pressure
#2 Engine Temp
#3 Tranny Temp (For autos)
#4 Volts
#5 Fuel

I used this order in my Bronco with this inmind: If I loose oil press, I am REALLY screwed I get too hot I am kinda screwed Tranny gets to hot I loose charging, ah no big deal I run out of gas, pain in the ass but no broken parts.

Mount them as high as possible for ease of visibility.


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whadya need guages for?
If the engine sputters then quits, add gas.
If the engine knocks then quits, add oil.
If the engine squeals then quits, add water.
If the red flashing lights come on it the mirror, slow down or get rid of the mirror.
See, guages are over-rated and simply add too much weight.

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damn I wish I had thought of that before the purchase.................... so my order makes sense right oil water fuel volts...........right................saving to the right of the steering wheel for multiswitchs like ejection seat and oil slick.............ltr
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