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Date codes for Snap-on tools

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Found this on a camaro forum and thought it was cool...
Basically it decodes the production year on your snap-on hand tools.... Look for the symbols just after the "USA" stamp on the back of the wrench, then match it up to the symbol on the chart to find out the year the tool was made...

So far Ive found alot of them on my sockets, extensions and all my wrenches.. Some of my extensions dont have them and I havent found any on any of my ratchets...

Trivial but still kinda cool.. Print it, take it to work and check to see who has the oldest tool in their box....

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I've got one, but most of my snapon stuff does not have it.

Did find one wrench from 1948.
Yea, the oldest one i have is 1951 :D

It's pretty crazy to think about what a tool has been through since ~1950... And pretty impressive that it's still in use.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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