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I'm planning a trip to Death Valley mid January from Sac area. I'll head over 50, take Kingsbury to 395 and head south.

I would really appreciate any advice on trail conditions, especially those getting from Lone Pine into the Racetrack via backroads. I made this trip in 2005 in July, so I've driven the roads, but I have no clue what the winter weather does to them. The NPS map shows chains during winter. Has anyone been lately? How are the trail conditions?

I'm taking my 96 Disco. It ain't fancy, and knock on wood, starts every time. (I know that because I just said that, I will be stranded at the grocery store tomorrow.) About all it has going for it is newer BFG A/Ts.

And, because a guy shouldn't work for free, and I like to motivate, here's a pic of the wife from mexico.


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