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Here it is guys and gals a great decision and I trust you people for some help.

Option#1 - Buy the Big Blue FJ-62 off my mom for $3,500. It has next to no rust, 31" tires on aftermarket rims, strong running engine with new splitfire plugs, and a Sony Xplod CD Player. (Its a 1989 and shes lookin for a FJ-80)

Option#2 - Buy this awesome toy off a friend

1975 FJ-40 with a shit load of stuff on it -

Rebuilt Hi-PO 2F from Man-A-Fre (9.0:1 compression, balanced with a RV grind cam)
Weber 38mm and K&N Filter w/snorkle
A rebuilt Distributor with a "Mel's Kit" from JTOutfitters (fully electronic)
Dual Optima Yellow Tops
6-1 Headers
Jacobs ignition
Flowmaster 50 speries and Centerforce Clutch
This sucker puts out power 2F's usually don't dream of!
33X14.50 SSR's with 70% tread on black steel
FJ60 Axles
Front Limited Slip rear FJ-80 Locker that has been converted to a cable pull
Saginaw PS with custom Ram Assist
Rebuilt Drums that work fine even with 33's
5 point harness buckets with full carpet
Cheap front bumper with a Warn M8274
Transmission is a stock 4 Speed hooked up to a 73' 3-Speed Case with a 3.55:1 low ratio and some odd overdrive unit (fairey I think?)
Body is an odd spray paint yellow color with a fair bit of rust
My friend claims it glows in the dark and I dont doubt him.
Doesn't have a hard top and parts of the body are torn up by rocks. Interior is crap except for the seats, no rear jump seats. Stock headlights don't work but his off-road Hellas do so he's just been using those, by i'm afraid of getting pulled over for it.
Oh ya, its got the rear roll bar with a front one welded on that bolts to the floor.
Suspension consists of 4" Downey springs, kick-ass folding shakles from some guy custom; they have a lock out, its so cool i'm gonna try to make some like those, then hes got Rancho 9000's and some reversed u-bolts.

I know Option#2 is alot but he wants $8,000 for it and I would have to go into a little debt to get it, what do u guys think? I'll probaly do less off-roading than it usually sees. Thanks in advance

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It kinda depends on what your objective/intended use is.

Do you want a hard core "dedicated" trail rig? Or a all-purpose wheeling and road truck?

Personally, I'd go with the FJ62. If it is really in good condition with no rust then that is a good price. You would avoid some of the debt and could build it into a nice all-purpose truck with the money you save (all it would take is a nice suspension kit and some bigger meats and you'd be in business for less than $8K).

My $.02

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Depending on your plan for use this is easy. Look in the paper for something else for $8k It didnt sound like a screaming deal especially if you arent going to wheel it alot. The fj62 is a much better deal and like someone else said if anything resell it for more and buy a nice fj40 that isnt hammered. Something with a hard top maybe.
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