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Delta Aluminum Toolbox

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Pulled this off my 82' Toyota Pickup and have no room for it anymore, need something smaller.

Its a Delta diamond plate toolbox that measures roughly 61" in length and 13 1/2" in depth. Fit perfect on my shortbed...

Only thing wrong w/ it is the latchs need to be adjusted so it shuts easier.. other then that its in perfect condition.

Asking $150

Located in N. California about 30 miles north of Sacramento.

Email me at

[email protected] or (530) 870-3610

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forgot pics, also comes with the storage tray inside..


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Can you get the inside measurments.. The part that sits inside the bed... Thanks
yea i'll take some accurate measurments this weekend and post up all the dimensions. parts in the bottom are just misc junk that was laying in there that I had for trail spare parts... nuts/bolts.. stuff like that... I think there's a gasket set for a valve cover on a Toyota 22R and some WD-40
btt, taking measurements today.
Overall length of top of box is 61"
Depth from top to bottom is 15"
Opened up the bottom length is 36"
Opened up the upper shelf is 50"

Only thing I didn't measure was the width from front to back, i'd estimate it to be around 14-15" probably.

I'm up for trades as well, I need a CO2 bottle w/ regulator, 60" hi-lift, spare parts for D60, spare driveshaft off a 14 bolt or D60 so I can make square d-shaft spares.

looking for some marine speakers, smaller toolbox (37" length) prefer diamond plate.

PM me whatcha got?
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shamb said:
Overall length of top of box is 61"
I need the Overall lenght at the bottom.. The part that goes inside the bed..
Opened up the bottom length is 36"
at the very bottom, the length is 36" (3 ft)
From side to side??? Or is that front to back???
side to side (width?)

front to back is around 14-15" roughly (only section I didn't measure)
last bump, if it doesn't sale i'll just hold on to it for a rainy day.
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