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From: Roy Denner, SDORC Education Chairman and DAC Vice Chairman
Subject: Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) Meeting

The Desert District Advisory Council will meet Saturday, June 16 from 8:00
a.m. to 5:00 p. m. at the Kerr-McGee Center in Ridgecrest.

The meeting will be an important one for OHV interests. The agenda includes
updates/briefings on BLM's off-highway vehicle program, OHV management
related issues, the OHV Grant Program, and a discussion of the "Off-Road to
Ruin" publication. It should be a very interesting session. Paul Spitler,
the Executive Director of the California Wilderness Coalition - the
organization that published "Off-Road to Ruin" – has been invited to attend
and will have an opportunity to defend that report… if he shows up. I will
have a report from a San Diego environmental analysis company that is
dissecting the studies referred to in that report. I am hoping to have a
representative from the environmental company in attendance as well. No
fireworks allowed!!

We will also be discussing the draft of the first Desert Area Management
Plan - the "Northern & Eastern Colorado Desert Coordinated Management Plan
and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)" - also known as NECO. This is NOT
a Management Plan - it is purely an EIS. It starts out by closing five OHV
areas - some because they are over-used and some because they are
under-utilized. It goes on to provide reasons and methods to close any area
that might have an impact on sensitive or possibly sensitive species and/or
their habitat. This so-called management plan is written in the shadow of
the current lawsuits and attempts to satisfy the enviro-extremists to the
point that they will never again have a reason to sue the BLM. What a joke!
If this plan is implemented the way it is drafted it will become the
guideline document for BLM plans all over the country.

I expect to have, at that meeting, a report on the NECO plan that is being
prepared by a top-notch environmental attorney from San Diego. He is
reviewing NECO in detail and commenting on the poor science and anecdotal
information used to draw far-reaching conclusions. We will not be caught
short again like we were with the Glamis closures!

So - if you can make the next DAC meeting you might find it interesting.
Contact me for details: [email protected] or 619.443.9101. Depending upon
the number of people interested in attending we might be able to help with
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