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designing a cage

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Ok I know this is a newb question and all. And I have searched. But there seems to be no "one" magic answer. I am wanting to put a cage in my truck. I have a basic idea of what I want and I am going to get solid works or bend tech before I actually do make it.

I couldnt really find anything that really tells me what size tube I should be using. I was thinking a mix of 1.75 x .120 and 1.5 x .095 I dont want to go to big though if I dont have to. But at the same time I will have my family in this rig.

Any opinions from experienced people?
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For a fullsize Chevy, the 1.75" .120 wall is probably the right choice.....DOM if you can make the stretch with the $$$ (It's your life and your family, so I'd think long and hard about it)

I've used 2" .120 DOM in the past, but like you said it's a little large and doesn't always tuck in tight to the corners and edges of the roofline, so headroom is often an issue.

Like most things....the quality of the design and it's construction will be more important than the specific tubing material you choose. There are plenty of photos of well-designed cages with proper corner gussets and triangulation, and I'd definitely leverage what's already been done if I were you.
thanks for the reply. I plan to draw it all up in solid works first and get people to critic it. then use bendtech pro to get all my measurements and such. I'm still a ways away from actually starting it.
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