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I have a Studebaker made M35 that I rescued from a junkyard several years ago. They didn't have a title and I never tried to find one since I was gonna keep it off road.
It is one of the first generation of deuce with a Reo 331ci GAS only engine. I holds good oil pressure but needs the carb to be rebuilt. The clutch is weak. but it does have a BIG winch. It has 5/8 cable with a set of boom poles that will fold out to use as a hoist. The weight capacity of the winch is the cable and the lifting capacity is when the front end comes off the ground. The last guy who has this scrapped out barges on the Ohio river and used this truck to pull barges onto shore. It has 90% tread on a set of BFG mud tires 9.00-20. The bushings on the rear axles are wore out.
The best use for this is a ******* who has some land who wants a big truck to play with. Before I moved, I used the hell out of it clearing a trail through the woods, moving heavy junk to haul off to scrap, or pull out anything that was stuck. The biggest thing it has pulled out of the mud was a JD 8420.
It is an old truck and has some wiring glitches and someone along the way bondoed up the rust holes and painted it red. It also makes a good jack stand.
I am looking for $2500 and I am in Hodgenville, KY
wayne skeens 502-644-2165

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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