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When i bought these I was told they work in my application. I didn't mic em until I got my block six months later so I was late complaining to the seller. He said too bad. Jackass. I'd have to replace my entire turbo setup to run these SO I need to sell them for $550 which is what I have in them OR I'll happily trade for a complete 2000 and up LS1 wiring harness, computer plus a set of LS1 or LQ4 coilpacks with wires.

Piston specs are 4.100 bore, 4.00 stroke, 21cc dish, setup for a 6.125 rod. They have coated skirts and come with a set of Diamond Pro-Select rings however the wristpins are not included. Diamond Job number 17541. Diamond said if purchased today they would cost around $1170 so this is a screaming deal for the right person.

NOTE Since the LSx series of engine blocks can only be bored 10 thousands or so, you will need a sleeved block or a cast iron LS-X block to run these. A guy on LS1Tech has made em work with an L92 Block so there are other possibilities. Check the link for more info.

Once again, I'd have to replace my whole turbo kit to use these and that's not an option right now so I have to move em!
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