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We are heading to colorado 7/6 and staying until 7/15. Our plans are as follows.

7/6 meet in Breckinridge and run wheeler Lake trail then drive to start of Holy across trail and camp for the night

7/7 run Holy Cross then drive to Buena Vista

7/8 run Chinaman Gulch and Iron Chest. Camp for the night

7/9 - 7/12 head to telluride area and run the following trails we are planning on camping the whole time in this area.
Black bear pass
Engineer pass
Imogene pass
Governor basin
Poughkeepsie gulch

7/12 drive to Durango

7/13 take the train from Durango to silverton

7/14 head to Farmington to play at the Choke Cherry off-road area.

Couple questions from people in the know.

1)Does my time line look ok? Are we putting too many trails into too short a time frame? Biggest concern is the Iron Chest and chinaman Gulch in a single day? The trails around telluride im ok if we don't hit all of them, which would be the top rated for that area?

2)Are we missing any must do trails in Colorado?

3) any must do places to stop and eat or see along the way that you Reccomended?

4) any advice on camping areas for the different areas? I assume there will be camp sites around the entrances of most of these trails or close by. Are there camping permits required? Reservations? If so is there a website I can use to sort all those details out?

5) I know nothing about Farmington other than from videos I have seen online it looks awesome!! I could not find any trail maps of the area, anyone care to share some info?

We are going to be taking our F150 in my signature and my neighbor is bringing his 4dr jeep rubicon on 35s, and my dad is Bringing his new 4dr raptor for the telluride area trails. Both are pretty capable but not buggies either. And we would both like to avoid major body damage. Are there any trails that we might want to avoid on the list? And I know Black bear is going to be very narrow and tight turns.

I live in Durango. It's highly unlikely that Black Bear will be open at that time this year, due to snowfall. Possible, but unlikely.

Poughkeepsie Gulch is my favorite trail in the area and I will venture a near 100% prediction this one will not be open until August, again due to snowfall.

For information on Chokecherry, check out Homepage - Avada Landing Product. There's lots of wild, but not much mild. Navigation is difficult and you will have a hard time finding most trails without a local. The guy who runs that site is a great guide and helps people new to the canyon all the time.

When you're in Durango, hit me up for a :beer:.

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Thanks FC4x4. Any other trail suggestions if black bear and the gulch are closed? Maybe another area all together? Also, is there a website that we can go to that lists trail openings or closures?

And we will definately hit you up when we are in town!
Good deal, I look forward to seeing the Raptor on Chokecherry slickrock. :flipoff2:

There will be many other trails open in the Silverton area. Stony Pass, Alpine Loop, Minnie Gulch, Maggie Gulch, Engineer Pass, Cinnamon Pass, Imogene, etc. should all be open. Not sure which website to check, but the gas station in Silverton usually has a good idea what's happening.
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