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Diesel Conversion

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I know i mentioned this topic before but here it goes. I have an 1982 2wd Diesel 1L Canadian trucks with a 5speed tranny an L52 to be exact. I want to put this diesel engine into my 83 4x4 p/u. I have an 82 4speed/tcase and an 83 5speed/tcase however both have integeral bellhousings.is there an adapter out there to connect my 4x4 tranny/tcase to the diesel or do i need to use the 2wd tranny if so does the end of 2wd tranny comes off so a tcase could bolt to it(i have not had a close look at the tranny yet) any and all info would be appreciated do no hesitate to email me with it as well at [email protected] I have an opportunity to see the 2wd tranny for $100.00 maybe i should keep it? Thanks for your time you take to read my long winded story
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I took a 4x4 transmission out of a 1985 pickup(it has a removable bell housing). Then I went to my local Toyota dealer and ordered a bell housing for a 1985 Toyota pickup with a diesel motor. It cost me $350 for the bell housing.
My motor is a 2LT, make sure the bolt pattern for the bell housing is the same on your 1L.
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