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Diesel Conversion

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I know i mentioned this topic before but here it goes. I have an 1982 2wd Diesel 1L Canadian trucks with a 5speed tranny an L52 to be exact. I want to put this diesel engine into my 83 4x4 p/u. I have an 82 4speed/tcase and an 83 5speed/tcase however both have integeral bellhousings.is there an adapter out there to connect my 4x4 tranny/tcase to the diesel or do i need to use the 2wd tranny if so does the end of 2wd tranny comes off so a tcase could bolt to it(i have not had a close look at the tranny yet) any and all info would be appreciated do no hesitate to email me with it as well at [email protected] I have an opportunity to see the 2wd tranny for $100.00 maybe i should keep it? Thanks for your time you take to read my long winded story
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I don't know about up there in Canada but the US 83 and older trannies where prone to early bearing failure. Maybe kill two birds with one stone and get an 84 and later trans with the removable bell housing.
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