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ummm...... I had never heard of a hiace so I had to look it up..looks like what we call a van

I have only seen one or two Rocky's (ferozas) here in the states so I cant really give ya any info on swapping differentials. seem like since they are made by Toyota it would have a standard 8 inch diff in it maybe? if that is the case Aussie locker would make something for you. you could always weld the spider gears or get a spool for cheap.

look at the FAQ 2.0 at the top of the forum page, has a lot of good info on Toyota's

You might try a truck (hilux) axle? hell I would sell my all my vehicles to have a turbo diesel hilux or landcruiser

these sites might be of help http://www.warfs.org/ or http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/

thats all I have........... how about some pictures of Greece offroading :smokin:
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