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My "new" V6 Diff is at the Toy dealer right now... I am getting new bearings/races, pisnion seal, crush sleeve... and obviously setup of the preload and backlash. (Running me $300 - not bad for dealer setup if you ask me)

While on the phone with my service rep, I asked what his opinion (I did say opinion) on the Crush/Solid Spacer debate was.

He said that he would go with OEM on anything that he could. But he does know guys that swear by the Solid Spacer.

"If it were him" he would use OEM and worry more about a properly setup differential. He also said that there is a small possibility a solid spacer could have a large drawback... if you were to get everything real hot and you had a solid in there, there really is nowhere for expansion.

He said, that it is not an exact science and he has never seen a broken diff where a solid sleeve would have avoided it.

I do agree with the OEM and properly setup diff though. I stick to OEM whenever possible especially bearings... and if I have a broken diff and I can tell it was as a result of the crush sleeve then maybe I will give the solid sleeve some thought.
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