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I am putting disc brakes on the amc 20 in my jeep right now. There are several threads on several boards around the internet on putting nissan rear calipers and suzuki front rotors onto an amc 20.






I have pulled some calipers from the pick n pull from a 91 nissan maxima and really like the way the parking brake pull is on them. You can get a seal rebuild kit from Napa which includes new seals and boots for them. The caliper piston needs to be rotated as it is pushed in. DO NOT JUST PRESS ON IT WITH A C CLAMP. Rebuilt calipers I have found to be in the 80 to 100 dollar range + a 60 to 70 dollar core. I have found that a 99 nissan altima seems to have the exact same calipers as a 91 maxima. I found that the pistons were rusted on the first ones that I pulled though. I have since pulled to more from different nissans in hope that the pistons are good. From initial measurements the pistons all seem to be the same. Hopefully I can build two good ones out of the four that I have. I have not started the actual installation yet though. So I cannot comment on the process. Still collecting parts. I ordered rotors from the front of a suzuki samauri. All years had the same rotor. Good luck. I will update here as I make more progress.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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