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Neat implementation. Those that are bending tubing in production quantities are using other tools, not refitting a Model 32. You do get past having to buy new tooling but for many particularly those doing off road you'll be approaching the capacity of the machine. For $5k you could buy a Model 54 and a starting assortment of dies. Model 32 dies still hold a pretty good resale value. The mechanisms on the 54 are more robust, it's got a greater capacity and is also an automated bender.

I see this project as something someone looking to bootstrap that could do a DIY project. At $3k for the DIY is well past what I think someone will spend to upgrade something they've already got a couple grand into in bender and hydraulics. As a small shop owner I'd be looking for something that was a good value, not the least expensive. Something supported by someone with experience making the tool and something that can hold some resale value. I can get a lease for a 54 or a Baileigh pretty easily, not so much what is essentially a DIY kit.

The business model for this I see more like CandCNC. Sell the electronics and whatever cut parts are needed but include the plans in the electronics package. The value is in the electronics not the cut bits or even the plans. I think you're going to have to knock it closer to $1k to get any traction. You're pricing estimates are too steep for hobby/DIY and for a production shop you aren't offering any more tool for the money.
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