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There is little mating to do between the OEM harness and the TBI harness. Most of the connections are intergral t the TBI ECM.. or the connections go directly from the ECM to the sensor. The points you'd need to mate are:

a. 12 Volt point always live during all Ignition Key switch modes.
Feed off the oil gauge 12 volt point
b. A 12 Volt ECM Keep alive memory feed point.
Any always live 12 volt point will do.
c. The igniton pulse to ECM point...
Take this from the OEM Tach Pulse Take off point
e. Electric Fuel pump
12 volt live in Ignition START and RUN modes.

That's really it...It's really pretty simple, and not too complicated. If you've got a wiring schematic of your vehicle these points are quite easy to find.

The other needed sensor to TBI points are:

a. O2
b. MAP
c. EGR (I find this "optional")
d. Coolant Temp Override.
e. VSS (on some units).

These points are usually straight runs to the sensor, and the trick is placing the sensor at the right point...

Email me at [email protected] if you have other questions.
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