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I was hoping to have more info to share on this by now, but here’s the deal…1st the good news. I fondled the first complete hood yesterday. It is WAY more flexible than I had thought.
I stood on the hood and it flexed to the floor below it and didn’t break! So durability is looking very good! I weighed the hood on the digital scale and it weighed in at 16 lbs! Now, the bad news, due to complications with materials and perfecting the mold, this project will be delayed further
(Hopefully not much longer.) I was hoping to post an installed hood pic this week, but it will be delayed somewhat. I will update this as soon as I have more definite info. At this time I can say the price will be very competitive with similar products(the biggest ass biter is shipping cost), but this too has been cut down to a very competitive rate(call someone who sells the Jeep high-clearance fiberglass hoods, and ask about shipping costs):eek:
I will post up more info just as soon as I know

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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