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Here's an important message from the Stumpjumpers
Motorcycle Club.

Tod Petersen
WOHVA Political Action Committee Chairman


As many of you may know the Department of Natural Resources is looking to make Reiter an official ORV park. It will be named Reiter Foothills. The DNR is asking people to take a survey so they can find out how people are using Reiter today and what they would like to see at Reiter in the future. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete. Click the link below to start it. We need an overwhelming number of motorized users to take the survey.

We need to show the DNR that the majority of use at Reiter is motorized and not hikers, horseback, etc. Even if you have never been to Reiter, you might go there one day; you should still take the survey.


Please forward this email to all of your ORV friends.
Thanks for your participation!

Rick Rice
Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club
[email protected]
Get out and express your opinions. And make some suggestions of how they could improve the trails.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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