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OK I have to vent. My buddy Jessy ordered a pacesetter header for his 95 YJ in February. Well he finally recieved it FRIDAY. So we decided to install it yesterday. I said I would help since I had put a Clifford Header on my 91 2.5L last winter.My complete install took approxiamtely 2.5 hours total. I figured his would be similar WRONG. This piece of crap took 7 hours to install. Here are my complaints:
1. Very thin tubing, it WILL burn out!
2. down tube location-(it crosses under the oil pan right at the drain plug.)
3. Fitment problems-(the first tube hits the power steering bracket so severely that after dinging the tube and grinding 1/4" off the bracket there is less than 1/16" clearance.
4. Cross pipe. (it came up about 6" short of the converter.)
5. O2 sensor location-(It is located on the lowest point of the cross tube and points forward into rocks, roots, etc...)
6. Collector-The collector flange is only 1/2" from the driveshaft which WILL rub.
I will post pics next week when I get my digi cam. I promise this is one of the shittiest headers I have ever seen. My other buddy put a pacesetter on his 4.0 and it fits great, no problems at all.
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