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Dodge can read it's own trouble codes...

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I don't know if pre '03s do this, or not, but if you have a check engine light on, you can turn the key on and off three times and the error code will display right on the digital odometer. Pretty cool...

I had a check engine light come on in my truck. The code was for insufficent slip in the torque converter. :D I called Clint @ ATS about it, and he said this is a normal error/code with the CA Dodge trucks running the triple lok TC. He said the only work around is to set the trans commander to allow a higher slip.
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Yup it is pretty cool! I have had to use it to find a code already when I had a ETC- ie drive by wire light come on. It was just like you said three clicks of the key , and up came my code. I was able to then go fishing the net for TSB's , and right away I was able to find a TSB concerning a reflash. (this is for a Hemi 2500)

There is another self check , and it involves holding the trip/odo button down turning the key to "on" for a couple of seconds. This will run the guages through a complete self diagnostic. You have to try this because it is a trip. I only found this because that is what someone told me was how you recover the total hours the truck is on.
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