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looking for some info on dodge dana 70's,
seems onetonwillysands10 and a few others have alot of info.....but i didn't see what i'm looking for

i've worked on 44 closed knuckles, and am wondering about the turning radius (or lack of) and strength of the 70 closed knuckle and bearings itself? compared to standard 60/70 open knuckles...

i've just got a 72 dodge truck with dually dana 70's and 4wheel drum brakes, (i'm planning converting all to 3/4ton disc brakes and running 1.5" inner/outer shafts)..............i won't be able to take these apart for another month and am wishing it's already got the U-joints with 1 1/2" 35-spline inner/outers, but i'm guessing it's got 1 3/8" 21-spline outers. (and hoping it don't have the "tracta joints")

anyone got any other info?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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