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I drive a 1999 Dodge Ram. It has a 318 5.2L v8 with an air raid intake and flow master exhaust. The trany is a nv3500 5 speed transmission to an np241 t-case. It has a 3in body lift and a 5in suspension lift. Alien patrol bumper housing a smitty built 10,000 pound winch. It sits on Dana 60s with 5.13 gears and arbs. The front has had the vacuum disconnect removed and a solid shaft installed along with serviceable hubs, bearings, 35 spline outers and warn hubs. It rides on 38.5 14 r17 pro comps. I think i might be forgetting some stuff but that’s a good start.

This leads me to the reason I am posting. I want lower gears for crawling. I have looked around and found a lot of talk about running a Klune V. I want to know if any one here has any real time experience with one. I think that would work the best for me and a straight forward install.

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Black Box is cheaper, basically giving you a NP241/NP241 doubler. I believe you need to look into getting a SYE kit for that 241 after adding the Klune though, to compensate for additional length and needed slip. That will be your new weak point.

I've considered the 241/241 doublers, the 241/205 doubler, Klune V, Black Box etc etc. But in the end, the Atlas and Stak are probably the best investment. You can add an Atlas to a Klune or Black Box and have a 4 speed, but it's not any cheaper than buying a 4 speed from AA. I also believe the 4 speed Atlas is shorter. I agree that the 4500 probably would have been a better investment in the long run though.
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