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Apogee said:
Short answer, it's going to increase your steering effort and the amount of feedback you feel through the steering wheel.

Long answer, you are directly increasing the scrub radius of your front end geometry. The scrub radius is the distance between the ball joint centerlines, where it intersects the ground, and the centerline of the tire. Any bump or cornering force as seen by the tire exerts a force back through the steering system proportional to the length of the scrub radius. The steering stops should be on your knuckle, so unless your tires hit body or something else, your steering radius should remain the same, as well as your ackerman angle.

In other words, run it and see how it does. If it yields more steering effort than you like, ad a hydro assist. If you have more feedback than you like, get a steering damper. I'm sure there's more to it but that's my $.02. Hope it helps.

While I mostly agree with you, I might add a word of caution to the last part. Increasing the scrub radius will cause significant wear on your system. It will wear not only the steering, but the balljoints also. Adding a ram to an already questionable setup is asking for trouble. I just watched my brother dump a chunk of change into his Toyota to fix this issue, longer front axle. The added leverage of the spaced wheel can worsen an existing condition, like death wobble, and make it undrivable. It will also accellerate the wear conditions that allow this to propogate. If you are considering a move to this width, it might be a good idea to look into other axles that are a similar size and do a swap.
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