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does tig welding fuck with auto helmets?

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I have 2 snap on low profile auto helmets. I have used one for over 3 years and never had it behave weird .

Now that I'm tig welding it doesn't want to come on . it seemed good for low amp thin stuff but almost nothing on 150+amp. I can clearly see the arc. Change angle to try and expose the photocell thinking maybe It had a shadow.

These are very basic lens, no adjustment for speed or shade . off 3, on 11.

They are also a narrow lens. Not the 4x6 full face lens.
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I've used the harbor freight auto hoods for stick, mig, tig, sub arc etc with very good results. Never once had a problem with them while doing HF tig work either. I went through 2yrs of welding school using one and then continued to use one welding at space X and then for KBR over in Iraq. For the money they are great.
Anybody use a pacemaker and a TIG?

I checked the manual for my TIG. No warnings.

I don't have a pacemaker myself, but now I'm wondering if I should warn visitors.
Yes, just put it on pulse mode and set it at 80/min. :flipoff2:

No one is going to want to make a blanket, absolute recommendation on such a critical issue but having said that, anyone who wants to weld and has a pacer should talk to their cardiologist and their implant representative. They may be able to adjust the sensitivity. My understanding (i am not a cardiologist) is that high frequency (hf start tig/plasma) would be the ones that might cause a problem.

I think that it would depend on the specific arrhythmia, as well. So some may be advised that they're all good whereas others with a more complex (pacemaker dependent) arrhythmia may be strictly warned against like a complete heart block.

We use high frequency cautery and ablation tools in orthopaedic surgery directly on the body and usually it's not an issue with pacers but I'm sure these devices were designed with a sufficiently low magnetic field flux density, to avoid triggering the sensing circuit of a pacer/defibrillator. I talk to the anesthesiologist before the surgery if i find out a patient has a pacer and i'm going to be using a high frequency cautery (usually arthroscopic shoulder surgery) but haven't had a problem.

it's easy for someone trying to cover their ass to simply say "NO". i asked my buddy who completed an interventional cardiology fellowship last year and is doing a cardiac electrophysiology fellowship now and he pretty much said no to both pacers and defibrillators...but i sent him a couple articles showing that it's not so cut and dry and we'll see what he says.

Even as a surgeon (who suffered his first grinder vs hand injury in 15 years last week), I'll stop welding and building shit when I'm dead.

Some references, interesting reading:
Interesting: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Electromagnetic interference from welding and motors on implantable cardioverter-defibrillators as tested in the electrically hostile work site http://content.onlinejacc.org/article.aspx?articleid=1121272
Safety guide http://www.medtronic.com/rhythms/downloads/3071ENp6_Saws_online.pdf
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yeah, I did notice that some helmets will say not able to support tig. I thought it was due to response time on darkening... but that was me guessing.
Never have any issues with my Cst 250 and Tig. Well helmet issues, run a Speedglass something. The head gear doesn't quite fit my head all that well but otherwise it's been fine. I'd like to try a Optrel.
Final verdict was the sealed in battery was dieing .

Sent it in with snap on and the warranties it with a New lens. Welded with it and it was fine.
#10 gold film in a fibremetal helmet master race

Got one autodark helmet that does that fading in and out thing with the tig, and another that just goes dark whenever the HF is on. Gave up on them "for the last time" too many times. Don't even reach for them at all now.
Slightly different issue for me last week.

Hired another guy and moved myself and my tig (Dynasty 200dx) across the shop near the plasma table and it's computer.

It basically turns off the usb mouse and keyboard after I tig and I have to unplug and replug to get them to work again.
I have noticed all sorts of oddities while tig welding using high frequency arc start/stabilizer. I have a high end Optrel Satellite and a POS miller elite and a speedglass and they all flicker and do all sorts of oddness in proximity to high frequency tig.

FWIW, I'm on my second lens for the optrel and it's def my favorite, but all these helmets have done this since brand new. High frequency wreaks havoc on nearly any type of electronics. DC tig with no HF component and they all work flawlessly.

Good Luck with best low profile bike helmet
I'm a very amateur DIY welder, (underbody patches on cars etc with a little 100 amp DIY gas mig unit) and I decided to treat myself to an auto darkening helmet after years of struggling with a crap 30 year old hand me down. I don't really want to spend any more than £50 as I don't weld that much but I wanted something that would be sold and reliable bearing in mind it's protecting my sight.

Could anyone point me in the direction of some decent units? I've seen Expert Weld and Rhino helmets get good reviews but they only seem to sell on Amazon and don't seem to have a website of their own which worries me.
The save pha e can be had -$100, since you said £ i assume youre in england so idk what it would cost you.

Im still rocking the efp that i had when i started this thread. I just drop a $15 new amazon lens in every couple of years now.
These helmets have been awesome. They have always worked.

reading on weldingweb that solar only still have a battery, maybe it's finally failing. I'm gonna grab my newer one tomorrow and see if it does any better.
assuming you have changed the battery???
Sealed lens. Just drop a new one in.

$16 a pair and 1 last 2+ years with daily use.
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