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Point angles are relative to heat coefficiants in production.
The broader point allows less heat over an effected area because there is lees area in contact.
A sharper point has longer cutting edges which means more area in contact.
Anything between 118*- and 135* is fine for general stuff.
I always grind a 135* angle for garage use. Because holding a hand-drill steady is impossible. The 135* angle could handle more abuse.

If you're drilling large holes with a pilot, buy a single flute chamferring tool. Drill your pilot and then chamfer the crap out the hole, atleast to hold captive the next size drill. If you pilot 1/4" and the next drill is 1/2" the big drill will chatter until it buries the tip, creating a triangular mouth.
Plus the chamferring tool is just good sense to have, nice clean holes, everybody wants them.
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