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Drilling out FF hubs

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Ok I got D60 full float rear hubs that had 1/2" wheel studs in them, I want to put 9/16" studs to match the front 44 I have. Do I just drill out the holes to 9/16" or do I have to have some weird size like with tapping a hole for threads?
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the 79 D60 rotors I got have a recess on the holes about 1/16" so I dont think that will be a problem. Ill get the studs tommarow and see what I gotta do.
k5chevyblazer said:

Ask Casey wheres my stuff, is he stiffing me on my soda or what? :flipoff2:
I dunno, he lives like 10 mins from your shop call and hassle his ass.
Yup, want it to match the front 8 lug chevy 44 and all the old lug studs got tossed when I took the drums off.
I already have the stud Part numbers, I just need to know if the holes for the studs need to be any bigger than they are.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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