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I have some serious driveline vibs on my '97 ZJ... only asking for help because I have no idea what else to look for... heres how it goes.

  • Installed Teraflex S3Z (3.5") suspension, lower adjustable arms front and back, that is when the vibrations started.
  • Rebuilt the rear end (for something else), still have vibrations.
  • Removed front driveshaft, balanced and installed new-ujoints on the rear driveshaft, still have vibrations.
  • Replaced motor mounts, and tranny mount, still have vibrations.
  • Install 1.25" coil spacers, still have vibrations.
  • Install SYE, CV driveshaft, and upper adjustable arms... vibrations get a little better.
  • Replace pinion yoke, vibrations still there.
  • Replace CV driveshaft, doesn't help.
  • Replace tcase output shaft, vibrations get a little better.
  • Measure for runout, looks good.

I am stuck here.. I have no idea what else to look at. With the front driveshaft removed, I still get vibs at high RPMs, or when I reach 80mph.

What else could it possibly be? Tweaked unibody? Tweaked tranny output shaft? I am lost.

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