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Broke the flange yoke at the end of the driveline. I've tried like hell to find a replacement online with no luck. So anybody in Nor. Cal. have any old drivelines or parts sitting around? I'm looking for the square 60mm x 60mm w/ 10mm holes.
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Hey dude my buddy in wheatland has a pile of drivelines, if you feel like makin a drive out you can dig through and take what you need, let me know if you are interested I will put you in touch with him.... and move this thread to the wanted section :flipoff2:
Last time I was at the P-N-P in rocklin there was a number of d-shafts. Get one off an IFS front shaft, they have more angle.
Kdub - you still owe me some pictures from laborday. And sorry I posted in the wrong fawking place:flipoff2: Yeah PM me some info on your friend.

Oop's - P-N-P, went last week to Rancho and Rocklin and all the Toyota's where picked clean. But found an old Harvester and got a York off it:flipoff2:
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