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I have an '88 pickup with SAS 4" lift...I took my front driveline to Sac Driveline and had it extended...went to put it on and the cv does not allow enough angle for it to even bolt up...

Can I use a single joint from any driveline and have it give me enough angle even when my front droops? If so, does anybody have an extra front driveline 85' and below?

All I want is a front driveline!!!
And please don't pay attention to the posts below...they did not help...
BTW I already called Jess at High Angle and he said that a clearances CV in the front will only give 35 degrees...I need around 40 degrees

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I am running one U joint at each end of a sqare shaft and it works great. Have about 8 inches of suspension lift and lots of flex and absolutely no need for a CV joint. Wish I had pics but need to have them scanned off of negatives before I can post them. <IMG SRC="smilies/glasses.gif" border="0">
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