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At Busted Knuckle Offroad, we are firm believers that beefier is always better!

1480 Kits: This Driveshaft Kit is LONG TRAVEL AND EXTREME DUTY for high horsepower applications. The male splines you will recieve can easily make 2 driveshafts or one INSANE TRAVEL driveshaft.

1410 Kits: It features Massive 1.5" slip splines and huge 1410 yokes.The yoke provides 3.6" of slip which is more than enough for a linked suspension setup. Save money and build your own shafts, just add tubing!

1350 Kits: Most guys use 1-3/8" splines, we use 1.5" splines which are a good match for the 1350 joint. We have seen a lot of the lesser kits fail and we stepped it up a notch to get you extra strength where you need it.

Link:Driveshaft Builder Kits
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